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Panasonic PT-LB426

4100 流明
XGA 解析度


$ 請來電詢價


High-Visibility Images in Artificial Light

With 25 %*2 more contrast and brightness of up to 4,100 lm*3, the PT-LB426 Series produces dynamic high-visibility images with the room lights on.

Low Maintenance and Long Life

Long-life 20,000-hour*4 lamp and 10,000-hour*5 filter slash maintenance costs while optional Early Warning*6 software reinforces uncommonly high reliability.

Flexible Installation, Easy Operation

V/H Keystone Correction*7 (H: ±35 °, V: ±35 °) and 1.2 x zoom simplify image adjustment and installation. Connectivity extends to dual HDMI®*8 inputs and USB DC outlet*9 for optional wireless projection*10.

Dynamic Picture Quality with 20,000:1 Contrast

The PT-LB426 Series has high 20,000:1 contrast, a 25 % increase over the Panasonic PT-LB425 Series LCD projectors. The extra contrast adds high-impact dynamism to picture quality, reducing color washout under lights, sharpening details and outlines, and improving text legibility.

High Brightness Images in Natural or Artificial Light

Despite weighing just a little more than an average laptop PC, the PT-LB426 Series outputs between 3,100–4,100 lumens* for an impressively bright and vibrant picture. Strong luminance, contrast, and color means there’s no need to dim the lights during presentations, helping your viewers to concentrate.

Daylight View Lite

Daylight View Lite optimizes color and brightness according to ambient lighting levels. This function is easily accessed using the supplied remote control.

Low Maintenance and Long Life

Long-life Lamp Lasts 20,000 Hours*

A breakthrough in materials design has paved the way for a new 20,000-hour* low-degradation lamp. Unlike conventional UHM lamps, it is intended to perform right through to the next projector refresh cycle without needing replacement, and therefore exhibits extended brightness retention.

* Lamp life is approximately 20,000 hours in Eco Mode and approximately 10,000 hours in Normal/Quiet Mode. Replacement timing varies depending on operating environment and usage conditions.

Long-life Filter is Easy to Access

Accessed via a convenient side-panel door, the long-life air-filter effectively limits dust intrusion for between 5,000 hours at full brightness (Normal Mode), 6,000 hours in Eco Mode, or up to 10,000 hours in Quiet Mode*.

* Replacement timing varies depending on operating environment and usage conditions.

Multi Monitoring & Control Software

Manage up to 2,048 devices via network with system map visualization and auto-search of unregistered devices. The free software is available with Early Warning functions* (free 90-day trial). These enable real-time monitoring, abnormality detection, and much more.

Seamless Transitions with Dual HDMI®

Switch content, not cables with HDMI inputs* connecting two laptops (or other HDMI-ready players) at once. Instead of passing a cable around and waiting until a new device is connected, one presenter can display content from their PC as another readies their media for seamless transition to the big screen using the remote controller, preserving the flow of the presentation. Naturally, the extra HDMI input is also useful in permanent installations for receiving high-resolution signals via existing interface switchers and media servers.

USB DC Outlet*1 Supports Optional Wireless Casting

USB terminal is ready to accept the optional ET-WML100/AJ-WM50 series wireless module*3, which encourages group collaboration by allowing anyone with a free Panasonic app*4 or PC software*5 installed on their device to mirror their screen to the projector, displaying everything from work documents to video to websites. Further, the 5 V / 2 A DC terminal can power third-party media streaming modules*6, so there are fewer cables and less clutter.

Image Adjustment for Distortion-free Projection

Manual 1.2x zoom lens control composes a large-format image from your desktop setup position and gives leeway for ceiling installations, ensuring sharp focus even if the mount position is not at precisely the right throw distance. V/H Keystone Correction (H: ±35 °, V: ±35 °) aligns image geometry when projecting off-axis to the screen center, while Curved Screen Correction tames distortion when shooting onto a convex or concave surface.

Light and Compact for Easy Portability

Intended for effortless room-to-room portability or as a permanent on-ceiling solution supporting Panasonic software or third-party control protocols over LAN*, the PT-LB426’s light 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs)* weight makes handling a breeze. Manual controls let presenters set up quickly and easily on-site and commence their workshop almost immediately with less wasted time.

Selectable Modes Suit Your Projection Priorities

Choose your preferred mix of high brightness, extended maintenance, or quiet operation. Normal Mode prioritizes picture quality in bright environments, while Quiet Mode projects at a virtually inaudible 30 dB*1 with an extended filter replacement cycle. Eco Mode strikes a useful balance between the two with 20,000-hour*2 lamp-life and 35 dB*1 operation.

Other Features

Memory Viewer Light

Insert a USB memory device into the USB port and start projecting stored content straight away without need of a connected PC. The USB media player supports a variety of image files, such as JPEG and PNG. Start your presentation right away without having to connect to a computer.

Direct Power Off

Projectors with Direct Power Off function allow you to switch off the projector and unplug the power cord right after use. You can safely turn off the room’s breaker switch without waiting for the projector to cool down. This is useful in applications where the projector is mounted on the ceiling, or in time-critical situations.

Additional Features

  • 2 x D-sub HD computer inputs*1(Computer In 2 shared with Computer Out)
  • Built-in 10 W mono speaker*2, mic input, and variable audio output
  • Color-board and Blackboard Modes
  • Supports PJ Link (Class 2) control solution*3
  • Custom start-up logo and security bar theft-deterrence
  • Easy on-ceiling lamp and filter access via side- and top-panel doors
  • Adjustable feet and optional mounts/brackets for high/low ceilings
  • Built-in Closed Caption Decoder





4100 流明
XGA 解析度

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